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About RobotX

Where the competition is fierce and the community is strong. 

What is RobotX?

RobotX is a community of innovators driven to create substantive contributions to the field of autonomous, unmanned, multi-domain vehicles. We explore, encourage and make breakthroughs within three key platforms:

Challenge           Interactive           Virtual

Within these three platforms, participants create new mechanisms, collaborate, form connections and increase proficiency and inventiveness for maritime robotics.

The Boat

All teams are required to use the 16′ WAM-V surface craft manufactured by Marine Advanced Robotics as their primary competition boat. Additional requirements can be found in the competition rules.

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Technical Specs


191 in | 485 cm


96 in | 244 cm


50 in | 127 cm

Weight (no load)

340 lbs | 154 kg

Max Adn’l Load

485 lbs | 220 kg

Weight (full load)

825 lbs | 374 kg

Draft (no load, estimated)

3.5 in | 8.9 cm

Draft (full load, estimated)

6.5 in | 16.5 cm



Nest Image Processing Primer

This primer will focus on the concepts of image processing, restricting ourselves to two-dimensional (2D) image processing.


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RobotX Guide Resources

This document is intended for students who are considering participation in the Maritime RobotX Challenge. The document provides references to overviews of engineering and organizational considerations for designing, building, and operating a vehicle for this event. 


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RoboSub Guide

Engineering design, fabrication and testing requires a team of individuals working together to accomplish a common goal.  RoboSub is a comparable RoboNation program from which RobotX teams can learn. 


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WAM-V Assembly Instructions


Assembly-Operation-Service Manual

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WAM-V Assembly Videos

To accompany the owner’s manual, assembly videos have been created to assist in assembling the 16′ WAM-V surface vessel.

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WAM-V Propulsion Examples

Each team is responsible for choosing the electric propulsion system for their WAM-V. There are many options available, including many innovative propulsion designs. 

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About RoboNation

We are RoboNation. Where tomorrow’s innovators can start taking risks, making breakthroughs, and building robots today.