VRX Competition 2022

VRX Competition 2022

RoboNation and the Office of Naval Research (ONR) have partnered with the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and Open Robotics (OR) to bring you Virtual RobotX (VRX).  VRX is an open-source simulation environment designed as a free tool for students to test autonomous maritime robotics solutions.

You can compete too! In the VRX Competition, robotics teams from around the world will operate their vehicle in a Gazebo-based simulation environment built by OR and the NPS. Students will have the chance to use VRX to develop innovative solutions for an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) that can beat the challenge tasks in the simulated environment.

The VRX Competition is a part of RoboNation’s advanced robotics program RobotX, however it is independent from the physical Maritime RobotX Challenge – that means you don’t have to compete in RobotX 2022 in order to compete in VRX!  The VRX Competition is designed as an affordable entry point for teams interested in building skills in maritime autonomy, learning more about simulation environments as a tool, considering competing in RobotX or all the above.


  • GitHub Repository
  • Competition Dates
    • Tutorials Available: July 2021
    • Workshop & Kickoff: October 2021
    • Phase 1: December 2021
    • Phase 2: March 2022
    • Finals: April 2022
  • Competition Eligibility
    • High School, Undergraduate, Graduate

Competition Resources

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2022 Introduction Document

The purpose of this document is to communicate the goals, schedule and event description to enable participants to begin planning for the 2022 Virtual RobotX (VRX) Competition.

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Competition Timeline

VRX 2022 Teams - Coming Soon!

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