RobotX Challenge 2022

RobotX Challenge 2022

Ahoy explorers! It's time to take maritime robotics and autonomy to the next level. Let us introduce you to the Maritime RobotX Challenge.

The Maritime RobotX Challenge is an international, university-level competition designed to foster student interest in autonomous robotic systems operating in the maritime domain, with an emphasis on the science and engineering of cooperative autonomy. This competition facilitates the building of international relationships between students, academic institutions, and industry partners.

Gather your bearings and set out on this systems engineering journey where you will get the opportunity to broaden your exposure to autonomy and robotic technologies by developing a maritime system using the WAM-V surface craft manufactured by Marine Advanced Research (MAR).

Are you ready to take on the 4th RobotX Challenge? Start with reviewing the rules and task descriptions and then fill out the intent to compete form.

RoboNation, in collaboration with the United States Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Australian Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) is pleased to announce that the 2022 Maritime RobotX Challenge will take place at the Sydney International Regatta Centre from November 11 – 17, 2022. Click here to keep reading the announcement.


  • Dates

    November 11-17, 2022

  • Location

    Sydney International Regatta Centre

    Old Castlereagh Rd

    Castlereagh NSW 2749, Australia  

  • Eligibility

    Undergraduate, Graduate

  • Vehicle
  • Intent to Compete

Apply for a Free WAM-V | Applications Now Closed

Check back on June 18 for Results!



2022 Rules and Requirements

The Rules and Requirements document presents the rules and safety requirements for the 2022 RobotX Challenge. 

Download PDF
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2022 Task Descriptions and Specifications

The Task Descriptions and Specifications document provides descriptions of the tasks for the 2022 RobotX Challenge.  

Download PDF
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2022 Radio Communication Restrictions

For the Maritime RobotX Challenge in 2022, radio communication will be managed under the restrictions laid out in the Radio Communication Class Licenses controlled by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA). This Radio Communication document provides teams with all the information on the relevant class licenses.

Download PDF
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Community Hour - Monthly Community Calls

Join us each month to learn more about the competition season and to engage with other competitors. We are anxious and excited to see your returning face, as well as some new ones.

Does all this sound awesome? Find out more.

Interested in RobotX? Let’s get this metaphorical-automated-vehicle on the right track with your name, email and area of interest.

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